KevinMD December 9, 2023
James Whitlock, MD and Ann McColl

Dr. James (Jim) Whitlock, a neurologist, and Ann McColl met at a writers’ workshop in Maine in 2022 and discovered a shared interest: patients with complex conditions and their journeys in the medical system. Dr. Whitlock’s practice focused on the rehabilitation of individuals with severe traumatic brain injuries. Attorney McColl had been a patient with a debilitating spinal condition and was ultimately helped by a neurosurgeon. A year after her surgery and about a year after his retirement from practice, they began reflecting together on their medical experiences.

Ann: Jim, I’m glad to have the opportunity to discuss my experience with you. I accumulated several diagnoses over my medical journey, including chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)/myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), orthostatic intolerance, and...

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