Becker's Healthcare October 21, 2020
Angie Stewart

Today’s healthcare environment is rife with opportunities for ASCs and hospitals — but these opportunities go hand-in-hand with a number of challenges and implications for the industry’s future.

This was the key takeaway from an Oct. 15 roundtable at Part II of Becker’s ASC Virtual Event – The Business and Operations of ASCs. The discussion was sponsored by ECG Management Consultants and moderated by Dan Cosentino, a manager with the firm. Four panelists from ECG shared their thoughts on the state of the ASC industry:

● Naya Kehayes, principal
● Sean Hartzell, associate principal
● Matt Kilton, associate principal
● Catherine Ruppe, RN, associate principal

Here are four observations shared during the panel:

1. State rules may limit opportunity. CMS adjusted the definition of “surgery” for the...

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