Becker's Healthcare September 15, 2022
Erica Carbajal

Becker’s has covered the leadership efforts of dozens of nurses who made headlines in the first eight months of the year:

Note: The list begins with the most recent stories. 

After a 3-month-old baby stopped breathing during a flight, Tamara Panzino, a retired nurse, jumped in and performed a sternal rub, helping the baby to breathe again, WESH reported Sept. 11. 

Pediatric intensive care unit nurse Christina Barker, RN, helped care for a swimmer after a shark attack in Monterey Bay, Calif., WIBW reported Sept. 8. 

Jean Kingery retired after a 45-year career as a labor and delivery nurse at what is now AdventHealth Hinsdale, Ill. 

The CDC tapped nursing leader Mary Wakefield, PhD, RN, to lead a major revamp...

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