Becker's Healthcare May 15, 2019
Mackenzie Bean

Leapfrog released its spring 2019 Hospital Safety Grades May 15, assigning “A” through “F” letter grades to more than 2,600 acute care hospitals for patient safety performance.

Leapfrog releases the safety grades every fall and spring. The ratings are based on 28 quality measures compiled by the Leapfrog Group, CMS, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the CDC, and the American Hospital Association. Areas of measurement include nurse communication, hand hygiene adherence and surgical site infection rates, among others.

Here are five things to know:

1. Of the more than 2,600 hospitals graded, 32 percent earned an “A” grade, 26 percent earned a “B,” 36 percent earned a “C,” 6 percent earned a “D,” and less than 1 percent earned an “F.”

2. Wyoming, Arkansas,...