Becker's Healthcare August 9, 2022
Marcus Robertson, Paige Haeffele, Patsy Newitt

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a historic global economic downturn, and although there might be no directly comparable events from recent years, another crisis triggered a global recession in 2008.

Becker’s spoke with ASC leaders across the country on what the 2008 recession was like for them and how it compares to today’s economic malaise.

Editor’s note: Responses were edited lightly for clarity and brevity.

Alejandro Badia, MD. Founder and Chief Medical Officer at OrthoNow Immediate Orthopaedic Care (Doral, Fla.). Due to the clinical demands and the need for our specialty, the 2008 recession at that time caused minimal impact, although the market forces to pay ASCs much less than the hospital system were unfortunately in full swing.

In 2008, we...

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