Becker's Healthcare May 10, 2022
Jakob Emerson and Marissa Plescia

From a declaration of intention to protect abortion access to warnings over data breaches and cybercriminals, these are 18 HHS moves over the last month:


1. HHS secretary questioned over Biden administration’s slow move to regulate junk plans

Senate lawmakers questioned HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra on May 4 over when and how the Biden administration will take action against “junk plans,” or short-term health plans that are not subject to certain rules under the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Becerra said the agency is in the process of rulemaking. Mr. Becerra also pointed to the strengths of the No Surprises Act, which the administration hopes will work in tandem with the eventual results of the rulemaking process.

2. HHS to payers on...

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Topics: Govt Agencies, HHS
HHS issues privacy protection guidance after SCOTUS Roe decision
HHS Issues New Guidance on Protecting Patient Privacy Following Supreme Court Ruling
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HHS releases guidance on reproductive care privacy
HHS issues guidance on when providers may be forced to share patient information