Advisory Board March 21, 2023

Rae Woods (00:02):

From Advisory Board, we are bringing you a Radio Advisory, your weekly download on how to untangle healthcare’s most pressing challenges. My name is Rachel Woods, you can call me Rae. In 2023, we’re seeing an unprecedented number of post-acute care centers, specifically skilled nursing facilities, cutting beds or even closing down entirely and there doesn’t seem to be an end anytime soon. That’s why on today’s episode, I want to explore the reasons behind those closures. And to do that, I’ve brought two post-acute care experts, Monica Westhead and Blake Zissman. Hey, Monica. Hey, Blake. Welcome to Radio Advisory.

Monica Westhead (00:45):

Thanks for having us.

Blake Zissman (00:46):

Hey Rae, thanks for having us.


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Topics: Conferences / Podcast, Post-Acute Care, Provider, Trends
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