Becker's Healthcare January 20, 2022
Marissa Plescia and Kelly Gooch

Almost 15 percent — or 886 of 6,033 — of hospitals reporting staffing levels in the U.S. are experiencing critical staffing shortages, according to HHS data posted Jan. 20.

This is about 2 percentage points less than figures released Jan. 17.

A critical staffing shortage is based on a facility’s needs and internal policies for staffing ratios, according to HHS. Hospitals using temporary staff to meet staffing ratios are not counted among those experiencing a shortage.

Meanwhile, almost 24 percent — or 1,426 of 6,033 — of hospitals reporting staffing levels in the U.S. are anticipating shortages in the next week.

About 26 percent of hospitals did not report if they’re currently experiencing shortages, and about 17 percent did not...

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