Forbes January 18, 2022
Sachin H. Jain

Last January, healthcare lost of one its most original thinkers in Leeba Lessin. From 2006 to 2015, Leeba led CareMore, the pre-eminent integrated health plan and provider organization focused on addressing the needs of high-cost, high-need patients. For years, CareMore has been regarded as a model for the future of healthcare. Many of the current crop of startups focused on improving care for the elderly (Devoted, Oak Street, Landmark, Alignment, and others) drew inspiration (and talent) from CareMore (now part of Anthem, Inc).

I met Leeba in 2014, when she was looking for someone to succeed her when she retired from CareMore. I had heard of CareMore, but I hadn’t heard of Leeba. When I first met her, it was clear...

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Topics: Employer, Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, Insurance, Patient / Consumer, Provider
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