Tincture June 13, 2019
e-Patient Dave deBronkart

Last week I blogged a seven-part series ending with “Does FHIR provide what Google Health tried to?” I’m in Seattle at the #FHIRDevDays conference at Microsoft headquarters, which I described at the end of Friday’s post “A movement is born.” Tuesday I heard two blow-the-roof-off keynote speeches, by two very different people, each speaking from the patient’s point of view: Greg Simon, then Dana M. Lewis. 

Two parts to this post: How’s FHIR comparing against my goal, and then the first of those two juicy keynotes. My next post will cover Dana’s.

So, is FHIR becoming what I hope?


Based on what I’m seeing and hearing here, increasingly it looks like FHIR may enable what Google Health and...