RamaOnHealthcare December 16, 2016
Rama S Juturu

“EMP (Empowering Patient First) is the NEW NORM” in the Healthcare Transformation domain creating opportunities in “PCDI (Patient Care Disruptive Innovation)” space demanding convergence of “Doctor, Data, Device (D3)” in delivering value to the community.

Doctor education, training, skillsets, and a revolutionized practice of medicine will comprise of: Engineering, Health System Science, Data Science, Cognitive Clinical Computing, Community Partnerships aligning with Digital Health, Population Health Management and Precision Medicine needs.

Data will take the form of “Smart Data, Smart Algorithms and Smart Insights” at the point of care/ the moment of decision ensuring patient (consumer)-doctor collaboration.

Device innovation will advance Healthcare IoT, Interoperability, Workflows ensuring outcomes.

We should recognize that current health systems focus is on clinical care meeting a portion (11%) of a person’s health needs. However, we should view health as a holistic measure of an individual’s entire living situation and life experience. The future delivery system will be redefined on the lines of Prediction, Prevention, Detection repositioning patient-consumer-community as the primary stakeholder.

As healthcare evolves we (those who work in healthcare) will be experiencing gradual disruptions in our organizations improving our day-to-day working lives as professionals that requires altogether new talent focusing on design skills pertaining to: Behavior, Innovation and Thinking.

It is time to prepare ourselves as we will be conceptualizing and executing a series of stages, steps, iterations in the coming decade with metrics and measurements pertaining to: new ways of addressing Risk, Quality, Cost, Efficiency, Safety and Revenue benefiting the community and stakeholders in the healthcare space.