HealthIT Answers September 22, 2022

Are the new healthcare services from Amazon, Walmart, CVS, and many others a friend or foe to traditional health systems? Dr. Paul Keckley (one of the facilitators of the Affordable Care Act), Shari Campbell (a retail health leader), James Gardner (retail health policy analyst and marketing strategist), and more guide us through the ins and outs of the latest care delivery models.

Join Chris Hemphill as they guide us through conversations with some of the people driving change and hear why they’re urging us not to ignore this movement in consumer-first health.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The nearly $4 trillion healthcare industry often brings confusing and costly experiences to customers and patients. Big retail and tech companies are entering the industry...

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Topics: Conferences / Podcast, Health System / Hospital, Provider, Retailer, Technology, Trends
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