Fortune July 17, 2019
Jonathan Vanian

Artificial intelligence. Blockchain. 5G networks. Virtualreality.

Business executives have no doubt been inundated withmarketing materials and sales pitches proclaiming that these buzzy technologieswill give them the edge over their competitors. But oftentimes, big techinitiatives fail, leading to disappointed management teams disillusioned byvendor promises.

Executives gathered Wednesday at Fortune‘s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. to discuss these dilemmas during a panel exploring which technologies they believe gives them a competitive edge. In short, executives are still excited by technologies like A.I. and blockchain, but they need to ensure that they have identified a specific business use case for them.

Paul Cheesebrough, the chief technology officer for the FoxCorporation, for instance, is a believer in machine learning despite therebeing “a lot of noise.” He likened the way...