MedCity News October 31, 2021
Elise Reuter

Transcarent, which is works with companies to steer their employees toward higher-quality, lower-cost care, struck a partnership with Walmart. It will offer Walmart’s health services, including its prescription prices, to self-insured companies. 

At HLTH, Walmart’s new healthcare leader Dr. Cheryl Pegus and Transcarent CEO Glen Tullman talked about ways to make healthcare accessible for more people.

The two companies recently struck a partnership. It’s not so much about Transcarent offering its services to Walmart, as it is about Transcarent offering Walmart’s healthcare services to other self-insured companies.

“It allows self-insured employers to get access to the buying power of Walmart,” Tullman said in an interview with MedCity News.

For example, companies could access Walmart’s drug prices, such as its $4...

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