MedCity News July 15, 2021
Rich Birhanzel

In order to fully understand the impacts of Covid-19 on our communities of color, we must acknowledge the historic, structural, social and economic challenges that have persisted, which have inhibited the ability for communities of color to achieve prosperous healthy lives.

The confluence of the social justice events and the Covid-19 pandemic have exposed fractures in our health system putting a spotlight on health inequities impacting our communities of color. This is no longer an issue that our fragile health system can set aside as a “to-do” later.  Addressing health equity for Covid-19 testing, hospital care, access to vaccination and deferred treatment of pervasive chronic diseases must become a national priority, which can be handled through private and public partnerships.


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Topics: Equity/SDOH, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Public Health / COVID
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