Business Insider April 15, 2019
Zoë LaRock

Globally, healthcare was racked with more cybersecurity breaches than any other industry in 2018, accounting for 25% of 750 reported incidents, per law firm BakerHostetler’s latest report.  

Hackers have put health records in their crosshairs: Health information was the second most at-risk type of data in cybersecurity threats. This trend was particularly evident in the US, where health firms suffered a record 365 data breaches in 2018, up from 2017’s high of 358.

Despite healthcare’s mounting cybersecurity threat, the industry’s security measures haven’t kept pace — painting a gloomy picture for 2019.

Here’s what it means: US health organizations aren’t bearing down on cybersecurity efforts — and they’re facing the costly consequences.

Health systems and hospitals are shirking industry cybersecurity standards. For...

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