Becker's Healthcare November 30, 2022
Riz Hatton

Healthcare has begun its migration to value-based care, and ASCs seem primed for success in the new model.

Michael Boblitz, CEO of Tallahassee (Fla.) Orthopedic Clinic, recently connected with Becker’s to discuss value-based care in the ASC industry.

Editor’s note: This response was edited lightly for clarity and brevity.

Question: How do you see the movement toward value-based care changing the landscape for orthopedic ASCs?

Michael Boblitz: If you ask 10 administrators how they define [value-based care], you’re probably going to get 10 different answers. Value-based care at a high level just means, “How do you improve quality and reduce costs?” By taking a patient who historically has joint placements at a hospital and moving them into our surgery center,...

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