Forbes January 12, 2021
Seth Joseph

GoodRx qualified as a unicorn prior to its IPO, but its story and ambition is rare enough that it may warrant a new mythological creature dedication. Founded in 2011, the nine year-old digital health company went public last September with $388 million in 2019 revenue and, more surprisingly, $139 million in operating profit. 

GoodRx is best known for making prescription drug pricing transparent and offering discount coupons to consumers, allowing consumers to shop for which pharmacy provides the best combination of price and convenience. The company earns revenue only only when it saves people money. Thus far, the company estimates it has helped Americans realize $20 billion in savings. 

Doing good is going well for GoodRx and its investors, as...

Topics: Digital Health, Insurance, Patient / Consumer, Pharma, Pharma / Biotech, Provider, Technology
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