Chilmark Research March 20, 2019
Alex Lennox-Miller

Our soon-to-be-released report, The Evolving Front Door to Care, reviews some of the changing ways that patients are entering and engaging with the primary care system. It looks at how Retail Health & Urgent Care, Telehealth, Virtual & Remote Care Platforms, and AI chat tools including Virtual Assistants, Symptom Checkers, and Chatbots ease barriers, supplement the current system, or aim to replace it entirely.

Key Takeaways

  • On March 27th we will host a Healthcare Meetup, centered around a panel discussion on this topic.
  • Patients want lower cost and convenience in primary care.
  • No single technology solves all problems and many solutions use a variety of technologies to provide value to users.
  • Many options threaten traditional primary care, especially if organizations can’t integrate...