Skilled Nursing News December 7, 2022
Amy Stulick

Following a whopping $590 million deal to acquire a 50-property SNF portfolio in Texas, the team at Dwyer Workforce Development (DWD) has no plans on slowing down efforts to bolster the skilled nursing workforce.

Major resources DWD has created for its “Dwyer Scholars” – housing, transportation and child care – will become a larger part of the program as it grows, according to Barb Clapp, CEO for DWD. The group calls its certified nursing assistant trainees (CNAs) Dwyer Scholars.

Maryland-based DWD plans to buy multi-income housing so scholars have an opportunity to live somewhere safe and secure, said Clapp.

“We’re looking for dirt, to build housing. We’re also looking to create child care centers for our scholars,” said Clapp. “If...

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