Rock Health May 2, 2022
Sean Day, Sari Kaganoff

Everyone is asking the question: is digital health in a bubble? The topic is making headlines and is top of mind in our conversations with digital health leaders. As an industry, digital health has boomed in recent years. The pandemic fueled the industry’s growth, accelerating adoption and catalyzing changes to the regulatory environment. Now the macroeconomic outlook has started to dim amidst surging inflationrising interest rates, persistent supply chain challenges, and geopolitical tensions. Digital health investors and innovators are starting to wonder if the music will stop playing, and if so, what does it mean for them?

In order to address this, we explore three questions:

  • Question 1: Is digital health in an investment bubble? – assessment of whether key characteristics of investment bubbles are present in digital health today
  • Question 2: How...

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Topics: Digital Health, Investments, Technology, Trends
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