RamaOnHealthcare June 19, 2017

The continual chasms of:  cost & quality, an individual’s last 3rd’ of life health expenses, chronic disease excessiveness, misalignment of incentives amongst payers and providers, and our governments fickle nature in regard to health economic direction, has moved us away from the one sentinel component that will, indeed, move the system opportunistically forward. See: The consumer.

 The New Norm will be led by Consumers and Their Disruptive Appetites

 There will be three players:

1) Consumer (one who is attracted to a healthier existence, and in search)

2) Patient (currently in need of actual care)

3) Caregiver (those individual’s giving care to growing populations of need & improved health)

Let’s respect the National, Community and Family Goal: Keep All Healthy

 In doing so

  • It is time to redefine EHRs as transactional systems for compliance, regulatory requirements & billing. This being said, let’s effectively surround this clinical practice with third party apps of varying consumer demand.
  • We should redirect our energies to create “person-centered data records “ essentially enabling a “personal chart on a smart phone” delivering efficiencies across the care continuum and ensuring outcomes by empowering, engaging, and enhancing that consumer’s experience.
  • The technology sector in healthcare is now carrying a torch not only disrupting the current volume-based reimbursement model, but, the siloed delivery model as well, setting the trend for: Prediction, Detection and Prevention, thus, enabling next generation care delivery and reimbursement.
  • IoMT, AI, Digital Platforms, Apps will continue to drive the disruption in the coming years.
  • Clinical care is “just a small component” in terms of Healthcare. Healthcare is a narrow definition of health. Now, health is moving to digital environments empowering patients, consumers, and caregivers, leading to and creating, a “new healthcare economy” that will have implications, synergies, opportunities and threats.
  • Digital Health will enable creating an ecosystem ensuring holistic approaches for care delivery by capturing patient generated health data (PGHD) as well as social determinants of health (SDOH) seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Our home will become the first care management center interfacing with the rest of the community and world for managing health.
  • We will be seen spending our healthcare dollars wisely, benefiting hard working families, finally.
  • We will have a transparent environment reflecting diversity of population and diversity of stakeholders, helping each other.

We will all become “Next Generation Stakeholders” by leveraging various data points, algorithms and insights, but just as importantly, we will all deliver value to our communities in achieving respectable health outcomes.

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