Becker's Healthcare November 19, 2021
Jackie Drees

The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn widespread attention to the impact of social media on health, inspiring public health officials and tech platforms to rethink strategies for combating misinformation, according to Brian Castrucci, DrPH, and Frank Luntz. 

In a Nov. 18 op-ed for CNBC, Dr. Castrucci, an epidemiologist and president and CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation, and Frank Luntz, a Republican pollster and communication advisor, highlighted the need for urgency in addressing health misinformation on social media platforms, which many Americans have turned to during the pandemic to make decisions about vaccinations, masking and social distancing. 

“In the real world, there are rules and regulations in place to protect the public,” Dr. Castrucci and Mr. Luntz wrote. “From food and product...

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Topics: Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Public Health / COVID, Social Media, Technology
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