Pulse November 23, 2022
Matt Fisher

Can clinical relevance be found in all of the data collected by wearable devices that individuals use? It is a key question around the use of such devices, especially as consumer devices grow in ubiquity along with corresponding rises in adoption. Optimistically, all of the data is not just for fun or without usable insight.

Evidence of Value

New research from a small cohort of patients offers a positive assessment of the data. The research involved wearable sensors such as activity trackers for 22 patients (an admittedly small sample size) who had pulmonary arterial hypertension. The wearable tracker was used by the patients in between visits and then care team members collected information about 26 health measurements at each visit. The...

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Topics: Digital Health, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Survey / Study, Technology, Trends, Wearables
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