Trends by Rama

  1. Digital Health, Big Data Analytics, Precision Medicine

    As a community, we will be experiencing three strategic growth areas in our day-to-day lives:

    • Digital Health will be front-end, home-based, creating opportunities for: Apps, Wearables/ Sensors, mHealth, Telehealth, Remote monitoring.
    • Big Data Analytics will be back-end, cloud-based, creating opportunities for: Smart Data, Smart Algorithms, Smart Insights.
    • Precision Medicine will be both front-end and back-end, molecule-based, creating opportunities for: Rapid advances in Genomic Medicine/Biotechnology.
  2. IoT, AI and ACC (Accountable Care Continuum)

    Aligning The Internet of Things (IoT) for richer clinical analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and population health management and ACC (Accountable Care Continuum) will facilitate and drive value-based models.  I believe IoT, AI and ACC are the drivers of healthcare disruptive innovation and rapid transformation in the coming years.

  3. ICD-10 and Value-based models

    Leveraging “clinical documentation and specialty specific ICD-10 coding expertise” and aligning with: 1) Risk, 2) Quality, 3) Cost are the  primary requirements for any value-based model for creating ACC (Accountable Care Continuum) by minimizing silos, fragmentation, fee for service, the major barriers of today’s care delivery and payment systems.

  4. Fixing healthcare

    Fixing healthcare demands: Radical transformation can happen only by empowering and engaging patients, enhancing patient experience and leveraging data science and decision science.  This transformation is going to be driven by the growth in various channels (retail health, urgent care health, onsite health, m-health and tele-health) and population health management (PHM) strategy by tightly integrating with large health systems. I see major investments flowing in this direction from retailers, corporates, investment/ vc firms and I believe the healthcare startups will crack the market.