Becker's Healthcare September 28, 2022
in collaboration with XSOLIS

Utilization management (UM) has become a huge administrative burden for both providers and payers due to multiple data sources and manual processes. By using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and real-time data, all parties can significantly reduce current utilization management review time.

In a Becker’s webinar sponsored by XSOLIS, Matt Brink, director of payer business solutions for XSOLIS, and Jody Ranck, PhD, senior analyst for Chilmark Research, discussed the burdens caused by utilization management today, how AI technology can help relieve those burdens and the results of a recent study comparing traditional vs. AI-assisted processes.

Four key takeaways were:

  1. The traditional approach to UM causes administrative burden and friction. According to Mr. Brink, the utilization review process is highly manual...

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