AJMC March 3, 2022
Robert Groves, MD

An editorial in response to the editor-in-chief’s December 2021 letter describes how a payer continues to push the limits of innovation through shared learnings and collaboration.

Am J Accountable Care. 2022;10(1):5-7. https://doi.org/10.37765/ajac.2022.88846

In the December 2021 issue of The American Journal of Accountable Care® (AJAC), Editor-in-Chief Dennis P. Scanlon, PhD, authored a letter calling on health systems to innovate and learn in real time with the goal of delivering patient-centered care. He then invited organizational leaders to respond in editorials of their own, which will be published in AJAC throughout 2022.

Health care has drifted far from its roots. The trusted, dedicated physician making house calls to patients stopped doing so more than a half-century ago. Patients would see the...

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