Motley Fool January 12, 2021
Bob Von Halle

The pandemic has clouded investors’ view of the true long-term value of this stock.

Most people only think of CVS Health (NYSE:CVS) as a drug store chain. The reality could not be more different. CVS has created a new, bold business model that unites its retail franchise and long standing pharmacy benefits management (PBM) unit, Caremark, with giant health insurer, Aetna. The company’s goal is to create an integrated healthcare business. Improved operational efficiencies, technological innovation, and negotiating muscle should lead to lower patient costs and improved medical outcomes. In its own words, CVS’s mission continues to be to “utilize our broad range of assets to provide a comprehensive set of health services with market leading affordability.” As...

Topics: Insurance, Payer, Pharma, Pharma / Biotech, Provider, Retail care, Retailer
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