Becker's Healthcare June 30, 2022
Jakob Emerson

It may feel like the walls are closing in around the pharmacy benefit manager industry. In less than a month’s time, bipartisan legislation was introduced in Congress to create more regulations around the drug middlemen, and the Federal Trade Commission launched an inquiry into the six largest PBMs and their practices.

That’s not to mention that in 2021 alone, 18 state legislatures passed or had legislation become effective that involves PBM licensing or registration requirements. 

“I think they’re feeling the pressure because the business model is under threat,” Prescryptive Health CEO Chris Blackley told Becker’s. “They know they have to transform, but it’s very hard and very difficult to turn a big ship.”

Prescryptive is a Redmond, Wash.-based PBM that specializes in drug price transparency and describes itself...

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