California Healthline October 29, 2020
Phil Galewitz

President Donald Trump entered office seeking a massive overhaul of the Medicaid program, which had just experienced the biggest growth spurt in its 50-year history.

His administration supported repealing the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, which has added millions of adults to the federal-state health program for lower-income Americans. He also wanted states to require certain enrollees to work. He sought to discontinue the open-ended federal funding that keeps pace with rising Medicaid enrollment and costs.

He has achieved none of these ambitious goals.

Although Congress and the courts blocked a Medicaid overhaul, the Trump administration has left its mark on the nation’s largest government-run health program as it has sought to make states more responsible for assessing its impact...

Topics: ACA (Affordable Care Act), CMS, Congress / White House, Govt Agencies, Insurance, Medicaid, Patient / Consumer, Payer, Provider
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