Fortune May 13, 2022
Amiah Taylor

Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference in Marina del Rey, Calif., this week had riveting insights on current health care trends.

Leaders from IBM Watson Health, Apple, SalesforceBristol Myers SquibbPfizer, and more also gave some predictions for the future.

Here’s what consumers and providers can look forward to as the health care industry evolves:

Leveraging data will provide better care

Patient-centered care, which is defined as customized care that improves individualized health outcomes, is proven to provide better results and yields higher satisfaction from patients. Individualized care takes a patient’s personal health history and life circumstances into account when giving medical recommendations and diagnoses, which is what makes it so valuable. Now, patient-centered care is going to become increasingly standardized due to advancements in health technology. 

“COVID was really an...

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