Politico June 24, 2021
Susannah Luthi

Pressure is building on Biden to address the law’s underlying problems now that it has survived the latest Supreme Court challenge.

After the latest Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare secured its survival, some of the law’s staunchest supporters have a clear message on what President Joe Biden should do next: Fix it.

The Affordable Care Act, after more than a decade of political turmoil, has never loomed larger. The law provided a new safety net during the coronavirus pandemic, mostly through its expansion of Medicaid. The Biden administration has boosted federal aid to purchase Obamacare coverage, which could help bring in millions of new customers. Insurers who fled the marketplaces in the law’s turbulent early years have returned,...

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Topics: ACA (Affordable Care Act), Congress / White House, Govt Agencies, Insurance, Medicaid, Patient / Consumer, Payer, Provider
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