Psychiatric Times June 21, 2022
Thomas E. Scammell, MD, Heidi Moawad, MD, Ruth Benca, MD, PhD, Phyllis C. Zee, MD, PhD

Thought leaders discuss clinical considerations regarding the many intersecting and complicating conditions that individuals with narcolepsy may experience.

EP. 1: Challenges in the Diagnosis of Narcolepsy
EP. 2: Patient Case #1: 19-Year-Old Man With Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
EP. 3: Clinical Impressions from Patient Case #1
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EP. 4: The Role of Multidisciplinary Teams and Treatment Options
Thomas E. Scammell, MD: Dr. Benca, could you just maybe take this angle of the importance of psychiatrists? Let’s say that, just for the sake argument, this guy has a narcolepsy. How do you see the role of the psychiatrist in this picture...

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