Deloitte December 10, 2020
Traci Prevost, Ion Skillrud, Wendy Gerhardt, Debanshu Mukherjee

How can hospitals use M&A to innovate for the future?

Rapid consolidation of health systems will likely continue due to financial pressures, growth of nonhospital care settings, and the need for transformed care delivery. Discover how health systems can strategically use M&A to innovate.

Executive summary

IN 2014 through an analysis of hospital M&A trends, we predicted the rapid consolidation of health systems over the following 10 years due to regulatory, technology, and market dynamics. We estimated that by 2024, only 50% of health systems would remain and independent hospitals would no longer exist. Much has happened since then.

  • Where were we right? Hospital consolidation continued in the past five years. The top 10 health systems now...

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Topics: Health System / Hospital, Mergers & Acquisitions / JV, Provider, Trends
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