Healthcare IT News July 21, 2021
Bill Siwicki

A physician expert in SDOH, analytics and patient connectivity talks about how the three must come together to better care for patients today and in the years ahead.

The economic fallout related to the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to hit healthcare, but the result is likely to be an amplification of longstanding disparities within the U.S. healthcare system. Factors such as food insecurity, homelessness and access to care can affect a staggering 80% of patient outcomes.

There is no single solution, and healthcare providers now have to deal with the patient-care landscape as it exists. These social determinants of health factors now are the new reality, but advancements in data analytics and patient connectivity can help providers to identify these SDOH...

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Topics: Analytics, Equity/SDOH, Healthcare System, Interview / Q&A, Patient / Consumer, Physician, Provider, Public Health / COVID, Technology, Trends
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