CB Insights April 6, 2021
Deepashri Varadharajan

In the past year, nearly 5,000 clinical trials were launched to test life-saving treatments and vaccines for the novel coronavirus.

Covid-19 clinical trial enrollment is 80% higher than average. However, this is less impressive when considering that for many diseases, such as cancer, less than 10% of eligible patients enroll in a trial. 

Patients often only enroll in a drug trial when existing forms of treatments have already failed. On top of that, not all diagnosed patients are eligible to participate — determining eligibility alone can be a herculean task.

For those that are eligible, participating in a trial is often a cost- and time-intensive endeavor. The process is inefficient for other stakeholders too: drug trials average nearly a decade, costing...

Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Biotechnology, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Pharma, Pharma / Biotech, Public Health, Technology
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