McKnight's January 19, 2022
Stuart H. Shapiro, M.D.

As the now-retired CEO of the Pennsylvania Health Care Association, I’ve sadly watched too many residents and staff die unnecessarily of COVID-19. 

Unfortunately, we are already in the fourth wave, and cases are again accelerating despite the heroic actions of front-line healthcare workers. This time nursing homes must do a better job in preventing the emergence and spread of COVID-19.

Of the approximately 15,000 nursing homes across America, a significant number of both non-profit and for-profit homes are part of a multi-facility group. Generally, each group has a corporate office with a quality improvement team led by physicians and nurses that assumes a centralized leadership role in guiding continuous quality improvement in the individual nursing centers.   

In addition to providing...

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Topics: Healthcare System, Post-Acute Care, Provider, Public Health / COVID
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