Telemedicine and social media intersect to advance population health

Source: Healthcare Finance News, Beth Jones Sanborn, May 14, 2018

More patients want to interact with doctors via social media, which opens new opportunities to treat chronic conditions, reduce unneeded visits.

 Telehealth and social media appear to be on a collision course that could ultimately help physicians drive population health efforts to better manage chronic disease, and reduce readmissions and ER visits for patients who need help managing a health issue.And as telehealth continues to gain traction and people look for new ways to engage with physicians and their own healthcare, social media seems an obvious channel to enhance these goals.

Quite often patients have questions following an episode of care that they’d rather not re-enter the in-office patient queue to answer. A quick query made via social media falls in line with the type of consumer-centric approach patients, especially millennials, are seeking. With the consumer power and share of the patient population millennials will occupy in years to come, it is likely social media will occupy at least an ancillary role in healthcare communications considering its popularity among that generation.

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Source: Healthcare Finance News, Beth Jones Sanborn, May 14, 2018