Health Populi February 13, 2019
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Just as we experienced “e-business” departments blurring into ecommerce and everyday business processes, so is “telehealth” morphing into, simply, health care delivery as one of many channels and platforms.

Telehealth and virtual care are key education topics and exhibitor presences at HIMSS19.

Several factors underpin the adoption of telehealth in 2019:

  • Consumers’ demand for accessible, lower-cost health care services as people face greater financial responsibility for paying the medical bill (via high-deductible health plans and greater out-of-pocket costs for co-payments)
  • Some consumers’ lacking or losing health insurance as ACA coverage eroded in the past two years, resulting in these patients having to self-insure and price-shop for health care services (see my post on the Gallup Poll here on Health...