Technology could help transform the roles of nurses and radiologists in hospitals

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Source: Deloitte, Steve Burrill, May 15, 2018

I’ve been on the road (and in the air) lately visiting clients and our teams. Just last week, I was in several different cities and locations. Most of the hospital and health system leaders I meet with, however, work within the traditional four walls of the organization. Most of their employees do, too.

Historically, this model has made perfect sense—doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees need to be in the same location as their patients. Technology is beginning to change that… and likely for the better. Not only can it reduce tedious and administrative tasks of employees, but it can provide virtual options to change the location of work, and potentially provide better patient care.

The augmented workforce of the future can combine people and technology in a way that improves overall productivity, according to a new paper from Deloitte on the future of work in health care. Perhaps more importantly, technology could help to make many jobs more fulfilling. Is keeping employees happy important to hospital administrators? Absolutely!

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Source: Deloitte, Steve Burrill, May 15, 2018