Diagnostic Imaging April 20, 2022
Mina S. Makary, MD, Rohan Makhijani, B.S.

The enhanced immediacy, peer-to-peer interaction and networking capabilities of social media platforms, particularly newer vehicles such as Instagram and TikTok, may help reinvent educational models in radiology.

Over the past several years, radiology has adapted to new technologies and modalities to enhance both the effectiveness and accessibility of medical education. For example, flipped classroom techniques and educational gaming applications have emerged as creative methods to deliver interactive radiology content. However, social media remains an underutilized space that is filled with potential to serve as a remote learning tool for teaching trainees and medical students.

As an image-based specialty, radiology stands to gain the most from educational trends encouraging quick presentation, processing, and response. In the past two decades, radiology has...

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Topics: Provider, Radiology, Social Media, Technology
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