Aging In Place Technology Watch January 25, 2022
Laurie Orlov

Older adults benefit from voice-AI enabled innovation and deployment. And it looks like they will continue to benefit in 2022 and beyond. For one thing, at least two-thirds of older adults (age 70+) own smartphones, the 65+ population prefers Alexa among voice assistantsone-third of Americans have smart speakers. Researchers want to understand how best to create a voice assistant. Amazon’s Alexa Together wants to help monitor falls of older adults in senior living. Advice to seniors seeks to help older adults understand how to benefit from voice while aging in place. In addition, multiple senior living organizations have or are now publicizing their initiatives (information is from the publicly available material):

Using voice tech for curbing loneliness in senior living. (January 24, 2022) “Voice-activated technology can reduce loneliness among...

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Patient / Consumer, Provider, Technology, Voice Assistant
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