Health Insights as a Service (HIaaS)

Custom, Purpose Driven, Aligned in Value

What we do:

We curate, we collate, and we disseminate topics of specific interest to your desktop. Yes, think about a service that hunts, crawls and researches subject matter content that is imperative to your various work stream demands. Many simply call it “custom curated content from Rama”. This is one of the fastest growing service lines of RamaOnHealthcare here in mid 2018. Let’s face it, we are all oversubscribed; we are all throwing blind eyes at more and more emails that we have previously signed up for; and now, yes, it’s getting difficult to pull rhyme and reason out of the bedlam of headlines proliferating our inboxes. So, let’s talk about getting organized, further effective in approach, and indeed, educated around particular topics of interest imperative for success.

Why we do it:

First, industry professionals and strategists are asking for it. “It”, again being, highly scrubbed and filtered subsets of content. Second, their demands for this purpose driven content are likewise being met with requirements of timeliness, consistency, and true understandings of how the curation best suits their corporate needs. Regarding the latter, when asked to hone in on a specific subject matter, there is no studying or trying to figure out the content. RamaOnHealthcare is an authority on Healthcare and Healthcare Information Technology.

How we do it:

A blend of proprietary software, market software, and SME (subject matter expertise) in Healthcare/Healthcare Information Technology. We’d also request you toss in our blue collar efforts, no frills approach, and professional interest to serve you at the highest levels.

Why were different in HIaaS:

First, we have been curating healthcare data and insights for close to two decades. This gives us a huge understanding for not only the process, but delivery requirements as well. Second, with close to two decades of extrapolating and interpreting “best in content” we have come to know the industry intimately, thus, making us experts in terms of what’s imperative and incredibly valuable to our customer pursuits. Lastly, from a sourcing perspective, our database of writers, trade suppliers etc. is more than impressive, likewise, robust. If the news is out there, we are on top of it!

Call us for a next step HIaaS discussion:

  • Is your interest personal, corporate, competitive, project oriented …all of the above?
  • Do you intend on re-distributing the information? To whom? For the purpose of? What format?
  • How many subjects do you intend on subscribing to? What time sensitivities, prioritizations do you have in mind?

Packages, prices, timelines …