Strategic Consulting

Proven, Competitive, Understood, Purpose Driven

What we do:

We listen. We talk healthcare – we talk economy – we talk who’s in – who’s out – why – for how long etc. etc. We then discuss whether a partnership is mutually beneficial. We determine if chemistry, fittings and needs justify a mutually beneficial relationship, likewise pursuit. If agreed upon, we roll up our sleeves together and drive the requests & demands towards substantiated results. At the heart of RamaOnHealthcare consulting is a passion to take your solution and/or service to incredibly respected levels of awareness, adoption, and professional appeal. Our feelings are, if we hit the aforementioned directives, revenue and performance will be duly noted. RamaOnHealthcare consulting service is driven by decades of industry experience, a solid comprehension for the last 20 plus years of mega trends (i.e. EHR, HIE/Interoperability, BI/Data Analytics, Population Health Management, Value Based Care etc.) and lastly, an uncanny ability to promote creatively, authentically and with great command.

Why we do it:

It is a natural fit to our core offerings. As we continually self-educate on both market generalities & dynamics, we innately become knowledgeable about industry movements, competitive landscapes, and who the leaders are in respective verticals. This “brain trust” is indeed transferable and we absolutely enjoy the act of sharing and enlightening. Our observation, likewise, is that many young, emergent companies need “on demand executive services” from a strategy, sales, marketing and business development perspective. Lastly, we find many companies, actually young and old, don’t understand the value “of network”, nor, have “the network” to make significant strides in their respective journeys. RamaOnHealthcare’s team has the capabilities and performance history of ensuring your leadership, product and value proposition is sitting at critical tables of interest and necessity.

How we do it:

The old fashion way. Calls, coffees, white board sessions, dinners, scrums. Rinse and repeat. Again, for us, it starts with a relationship. As we move from trust and interest, we like to call upon simple SWOTs, GAPs and focused audits. What typically comes from these exercises are communications and custom directives with purpose and proposed outcomes. Ultimately, project plans and scope drive our relationship, the output’s and inherent successes. Yes, RamaOnHealthcare makes consulting engagements transparent, always marshaled, and well informed to all.

Why were different in Consulting:

We like to say “no, not a good fit”. We actually find ourselves highly selective. We believe that chemistry leads to performance, not dollars. We believe that contracting should be simple, easy to execute on, and well described in delivery. Our bench of expertise places us conveniently against all skill sets denoted by sales, marketing, business and corporate development. Lastly, our database of knowledge (i.e. curation engine, subscribership …) empowers us with the ability to partner with facts, figures, people and timely data elements, pertinent to the overall consultative effort.

Call us for a next step Consulting discussion:

  • Is your interest in growth, market positioning, thought leadership design?
  • Are you a new, emergent co./technology looking to network, partner at national levels?
  • Are you designing a strategic go to market plan and need to understand the levers of promotion, landscape navigation, tactical networking?
  • Competitively speaking, are you understood on your vertical, the players within, how they are differentiating themselves/winning in the said space?
  • Are you struggling in value proposition design? Digital, web, collateral enablement?

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