HealthTech May 11, 2021
Calvin Hennick

For healthcare IT teams, M&A deals represent an enormous challenge — and a valuable opportunity.

Healthcare organizations pursue merger and acquisition (M&A) deals for many reasons, including increased capacity, economies of scale and improved productivity. But the process is more complex than ever, and IT integration often proves to be a significant hurdle.

With today’s sprawling technology environments, it’s hard enough for IT and business leaders to get a thorough accounting of assets owned by the organization that’s being acquired, much less map out a course for seamlessly combining technology and personnel from multiple organizations. But these steps are critical to the overall success of any M&A deal.

HealthTech brought together a panel of IT leaders to discuss how they’ve...

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Topics: Health IT, Interview / Q&A, Mergers & Acquisitions / JV, Technology, Trends
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