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Just Under 15,000 Healthcare Leaders Consume Rama’s Daily News Feed

Reading Rama’s news feed has become part of my morning routine.

Chaim Indig
Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

I appreciate the articles Rama sends. They are highly relevant for our business.

Jay Desai
CEO and Co-Founder

I read all the articles Rama sends me, 100% of them are relevant to me. It saves me so much time that I don’t have to be looking around for relevant material that is immediately actionable. I subscribe to only a handful of newsletters and Rama’s is one of them.

Maqbool Patel
Chief Technology Officer

All of us are getting constantly bombarded with information and don’t have the time to keep up with all of it. Rama has an uncanny ability to sift through all of it and bring forth the essence of what is relevant to many of us.

Albert Santalo

Over the years Rama has become the trusted source for real news in healthcare!

Tee Green
Ex-Executive Chairman

Rama is one of our industry’s visionaries. For years, Rama has consistently produced insights from an industry going through necessary transformation into data-driven digital health.

Jason Rose

Rama provides great insights to the healthcare technology trends. I read all the publications. I will highly recommend to those who may concern.

Ping Zhang
Ex-SVP Product Innovation and CTO

Insightful commentary on the ever changing health care landscape, a great way to stay informed not only on what is happening but also what is likely to happen.

Kimberly Rask
Chief Data Officer

Rama provides an unrivaled stream for salient, relevant and timely information. I’m continually impressed at his ability to span the multiple verticals spanning healthcare IT. His service is highly actionable and recommended.

Alex Benson
Director of Market Research and Analyst Relations<

Rama on Healthcare cuts to the point, highlighting important trends in Health Care, today. Rama saves times with his highlights, but also provides links to the detail I need. Very useful.

Tom Wadsworth

RamaOnHealthcare is a great way for me to keep up with the latest trends in the health IT space in particular, though it does cover other areas which is also helpful. I can look at the summaries in my email and/or go to in depth on articles that are beneficial for my learning or my clients. I have found Rama on Healthcare to be a way to minimize the number of newsletters I subscribe to and I would recommend them for sure.

Aryana Khalid
Managing Director, Health + Wellness Practice

From a broad brushed HIT approach that combined with iterative dialog, Rama provides research based on specific needs. I’m not sure what’s behind the curtain, but he can produce some very granular focused research. He’s one of the best in the business.

Tim Eggena
Chief Strategy Officer

In the ‘signal to noise’ challenge we face in the innovation economy, RamaOnHealthcare is one of a few daily online publications that gets and holds my attention. Kudos Rama!

Gregg A. Masters

I’ve found Rama’s data and information sharing of timely articles and news events extremely valuable. Given how quickly events unfold in our industry, it is imperative to stay current and up to date with industry developments. Rama’s service helps tremendously in this regard.

Brian E. Flanigan
National Go-To-Market Leader and U.S. Value-Based Care Leader

RamaOnHealthcare is a must-read for my team and me. In a few minutes we are able to stay abreast of pertinent changes in the healthcare industry. This is one of my go-tos for information.

Susan Kinzler
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Rama Juturu is one of the sharpest minds in Health Care Consulting and Coaching today. I am amazed at his range and ability to seize up complex issues with laser-like focus and bring the intricate concerns to very simple-to-digest action points. Rama loves to share knowledge and brings a comprehensive subject matter expertise to his clients so that they can strategize, execute and innovate in the extremely challenging that we all face today. I highly recommend Rama to doctors, administrators, management consultants and thought leaders as mentor and education resource.

Dr. Pariksith Singh
Medical Director

The articles and information you feature are factual, relevant, and very timely. I utilize the information to communicate issues, legislative actions, data, and industry facts to our ACO physicians, as well as our large 1100 physician IPA/CIN organization. Your articles highlight information and trends in healthcare that assist us in strategic planning and preparation for the constant changing healthcare environment.

Larry Jones
Executive Director of the IP Network and CEO of HPOF Holdings

Rama consistently pulls together interesting, useful, and provocative content — all I have to do is read it. This saves me time and makes me think. I value the service, it is one of the few news aggregators I always check.

Rick Rubin

I use Rama’s insights to keep me up-to-date on the most relevant information in the ever changing Healthcare landscape. His insights are spot on and I know every time that he does his homework to separate the signal from the noise. In my Director roles in the industry, Rama’s insights have come in handy for strategic decisions.

Subbu Ramalingam
Ex-Director Risk Analytics

I have worked with Rama for well over a decade. He is a tenaciously hard worker and a diligent student of all the leading issues affecting Healthcare Revenue Cycle. I have learned so much from Rama and recommend him to anyone who wants to stay informed of this very dynamic and ever changing Industry of ours.

David Jensen
Founder & Chairman