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RamaOnHealthcare has become an integral part of my day. The curated insights are timely and relevant and make it easy to stay informed on what’s happening in the health industry. Thanks, Rama!


Carolyn Joyce
Marketing Manager

RamaOnHealthcare is one of my top, daily, go-to healthcare newsfeeds.
Love the quick access to really well-curated topics and articles.
Saves me a lot of time daily in not having to hunt down topics, and I use the information in my work, daily!

Zeev Neuwirth
Advisor, Media Host

As a busy executive in healthcare, it is necessary to stay current with all that is happening in an industry that is undergoing disruptive transformation. However, it is humanly impossible to read all the articles being written about all the relevant aspects of this complex industry. RamaOnHealthcare provides a valued service by screening and capturing the best headlines for me to focus on. Thank you, and keep it up Rama Juturu and team!

Lynda Chin, MD
Executive Director

In today’s world, health IT and strategy are moving so quickly that we need someone to help us make sense of it all and to separate wheat from chaff. RamaOnHealthcare does that for me, which is why it’s on my daily reading list.

Robert M. Wachter, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine

Rama is known for his informative, timely and diligent curation to the healthcare industry. But I know him also as a person. He is dedicated to the transformation of the industry. We are fellow travelers in that journey.

Mohan Nair
SVP, Chief Innovation Officer

RamaOnHealthcare is a major part of my daily routine. I look forward to reading the latest healthcare news each day to enhance my knowledge and provide thought leadership, statistics and industry trends to assist with my marketing strategies for our brand in the industry. Thanks, Rama!

Nicole Halsey
Director of Marketing and Communications

Rama sifts through the muck and synthesizes the information into takeaways that are relevant, timely, and accurate to keep us up to speed on key developments in the healthcare ecosystem.

Aaron Fisher
Vice President

As the editor of a newsletter & website targeting the ACO community, I often utilize ‘RamaOnHealthcare’ as a resource for up-to-date, relevant content. I am continually impressed by the quality and variety of the material Rama curates.

Garrett Schmitt
Managing Editor

With all the noise in healthcare, it has been great to have the relevant content distilled in one place at RamaOnHealthcare. Time is precious and information is critical for an entrepreneur in an early-stage tech-enabled healthcare company, so it’s great to have ROH as the “go-to” source of healthcare information.

Joseph Ebberwein
Founder & CFO

“RamaOnHealthcare” does an amazing job of aggregating the most relevant Healthcare content into one newsletter. In a saturated space with tons of buzzwords being over utilized, Rama helps cut through the noise with thought provoking insights.

David P Burke
Sales Director

It’s been nice to have RamaOnHealthcare provide a regular pulse check of industry developments in health innovation – really makes the job of tracking market activity a lot easier. A great resource and highly recommended for anyone looking for the signal amidst the noise.

Naveen Rao
Founder & Managing Partner

Rama’s daily e-mails nicely capture what’s happening in healthcare today and where things are headed. Thank you for keeping us all informed and connected on ways to move healthcare to a better place. Keep it up.

Jim Fields
Partner & Global Head, Health Services, Health & Life Sciences

Rama has assembled a news feed that is regularly used by my leadership team and me. He has great select of instincts.

Jonathan Bush

As an advisor to many health systems across the Country, I have found Rama’s insights helpful and on target. I start each day reviewing his post.

Steve Valentine
Vice President, Strategic Advisory Services, and Chairman of the Board Orthopeadic Institute for Children

I appreciate RamaOnHealthcare’s timely delivery of relevant insights which give me information and market insights to act on. I appreciate the sharp commentary and quick analysis. Literally, it is the healthcare technology news and commentary that I need to have.

Deborah DiSanzo
Ex-General Manager

’RamaOnHealthcare’ offers valuable, curated content about trends impacting healthcare. I look forward to Rama’s regular emails and make them a regular part of my reading. It’s a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in healthcare!

Matt Hawkins
CEO and Board Member

I am incredibly grateful for the time, effort and thought process that goes into Rama’s work. As a strategist and innovative spirit myself, I find daily value and purpose in consuming these calculated news feeds. Rama, keep up the tremendous work and continue to ensure our health horizon’s are bright & opportunistic for all!

Don McDaniel

Rama’s analysis of the key issues shaping the healthcare industry is on my daily reading list.

John Halamka, MD, MS
Chief Information Officer

Rama, I read your blog regularly. The topics you select are very pertinent and helpful. Keep up the good work.

Girish Navani
Chief Executive Officer

I’m a fan, Rama! Good writing and analysis.

Lynn Barr
CEO and Founder