LinkedIn July 12, 2021
Barbara Duffy, DHSc, MPH, CPHQ, LHRM, RN

There is no question that healthcare is stuck within a convoluted structure that is stifling care and careers. Costs continue to rise along with dissatisfaction among both Patients and Providers. We share endless frustrations and yet, healthcare appears helpless to heal its own malady.

That was until I found a wealth evidence for optimism in healthcare. Today, my email provides daily insight into healthcare innovation, integration, solutions, concepts, and more that positively impact outcomes, finance, quality, improvement, lives, and above all, hope. Finally, the potential of innovation and transformation to create comprehensive, inter-operative systems across services and connect value with quality is about to challenge the current reality of dysfunction in healthcare.

And that pace of the insights, innovation, and...

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Topics: Healthcare System, Technology, Trends
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