RamaOnHealthcare December 14, 2018

Where We Are Heading in Healthcare Transformation?
In general, we live in diverse communities and populations where there isn’t a “one size” fits all.
By observation: Medicare, Medicaid, Millennials, Boomers, Self-Funded, Pediatrics, Veterans etc.
Where we do have consensus, however, is that we are reaching an all-time high, demand really, to fix healthcare.
Fixing healthcare for not only each other, but, our families futures and prosperities thereof.
Given my daily research, and deep dive curation’s inside this turbulent industry, I do see traditional companies macro labeled under the EMR/EHR, HIE, RCM, PHM realms, being disrupted.
With massive data capturing happening at enormous rates and clips (i.e. clinical, financial, administrative, socio-economic, genomic, wearables, remote monitoring …); new sophisticated information sharing networks, empowered patient consumers will navigate health as easy as they do an Uber ride.
This being said, a continuation of innovation, disruption and consumerism will be a mainstay over the next couple decades prior to these optimal workflow patterns.
Unfortunately the current Hospital Systems, EHR/EMR etc., have not been manufactured as super logical anymore given their physical environments and decades-ago designs. The descriptors of silo’d, volume oriented and billing institutions remain fairly consistent even today.
Health, now, necessitates (and focuses on) collaborative care, convergence and algorithmically driven “customer smart data” as the new suggestive practice of medicine.
Add in next generations of dynamic caregivers & leaders i.e. chief transformation, experience, innovation, learning, integration, to name a few … a patient’s access to personalized records with advanced self authentication / authorization & sharing capabilities … a community advocacy approach …. AND a symphony of efficient, coordinated, holistic, personalized care is in store for us as it relates to quality health.
Speaking of store: the major disruptors listed below, moving from “perhaps” … to “more than likely” …, will continue to redefine the healthcare market. With a keen “first-focus” on the all important consumer and the consumer’s growing demand for complete transparency (i.e. cost and quality), personalized medicine etc., these tech giant entrants won’t be going away anytime soon.
Yes, new disruptors and the incorporation of powerful social determinants of health will deliver a holy grail of cost containment, quality control and valued health.
Who are these formidable disruptors turning into market players? You know them well and are hearing of them daily…
  • Well established tech players: Apple, Google, Amazon
  • Traditional players with vertical integration capabilities: CVS Health, Walmart, Walgreens
  • And without question, STARTUPS with innovative, data driven approaches, thinking logically about new product roadmaps & designs
Where is this all heading?
  • Traditional, standalone players in the payer, provider, pharma space will require strategic partnerships (and consolidations) to create virtual organizations to survive. Also resident here is the critical configuration and alignment with the community to ensure convenience, simplicity, accessibility, transparency, options and affordability.
  • The necessity to watch retail (i.e. grocery, pharmacy etc.) disruption, ultimately setting further trends in Healthcare transformation.
What are we needing in demanding times?
  • Excellence in active leadership in regard to predicting the future
  • Excellence in active leadership in regard to innovating the future
  • Excellence in active leadership in regard to disrupting the status quo
Finally, our decade predictions!
  • Mobile, the digital front end to all health
  • Consumer self control and management of health
  • Personalized medicine by the leveraging of smart data
  • Longer, healthier living!
The $3.5T US Healthcare/ $9T Global Healthcare will be disrupted by leaders who study implications, synergies, demands, opportunities, threats etc. via intensely curated daily content. And yes, for sure, act accordingly in regard to our many precious Lives.
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