VentureBeat January 29, 2023
Michael Biltz, Accenture Labs, Marc Carrel-Billiard, Accenture

Today, the internet is a disparate collection of sites, apps and platforms. Because they are separate from one another, they lack interoperability and data portability. So, despite huge advances made through digital transformation, this current model will eventually constrain businesses. In fact, 95% of executives surveyed for the 2022 Accenture Technology Vision report believe that future digital platforms will need to offer unified experiences, enabling interoperability of customers’ data across different platforms and spaces.

However, thanks to two emerging concepts, a new form of internet is emerging that will transcend these limitations: 1) the metaverse continuum, an evolution of the internet that enables people to participate in a persistent shared experience across real-world and virtual realms, and 2) Web3,...

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